Glory Wisdom Corp is a California based wholesaler & distributor, with 20 years of experiences in wholesaling imported sheepskin & leather goods, mainly as OEM material supply and ODM private label products in home and apparel categories. By expanding the manufacturing lines into OBM finished goods, Glory Wisdom Corp nowadays carries more than its iconic sheepskins and leather.


Our local business was established in Jan 2000 as a regional sales and distribution branch of a world-leading manufacturer – Henan Prosper & Colomer Munmany Co.Ltd. This local branch is located in the greater Los Angeles area, playing two significant roles in the North American wholesale market: one as a bridge connecting manufacturer and name brands, the other one as supplier and distributor partnering with major retail chains and independent retailers.

Tanning professional using auto-cut trimming sheepskin pelts
Leather shoes production line
A shoemaker is hand-cutting leather into shaped pieces to form shoe upper


Having invested years of structural adjustment in both product diversity and business strategies, the founders made an significant decision to expand in ODM business and move forward to OBM house brands. Hence, Glory Wisdom Corp was incorporated in 2015.

Kids shearling sheepskin boots on display
Genuine leather hiking boots on display
THE MOOD Mongolian lambskin pillows in natural ivory and blue indigo color

Succeeding in establishing house brands and expanding product lines into home furnishings and apparel, we are now thriving in the distribution of a wide range of area rugs, home textiles and shoes, in the form of both house brands (OBM) and retailers’ private label brands (ODM).

Major retailing companies including Costco, Walmart, TJ-maxx, Macy’s and Wayfair are Glory Wisdom Corp’s valued customers and long-term partners. We will continue to reach more retailers and bring more diversity to the market.

A wall of Glory Wisdom Corp showroom displaying sheepskin rugs and decorative pillows
A wall of Glory Wisdom Corp showroom displaying sheepskin shoes
Glory Wisdom Corp warehouse


Glory Wisdom Corp maintains a large sales network covering USA, Canada and Mexico. The 26,000 square feet premises allow us to provide large on-hand stock and fast turn-around typically in two business days. Supporting by a highly efficient team of manufacturing professionals and technicians in Asia, we work closely with every customer for both stock items and customized production orders.

Glory Wisdom Corp is dedicated to customer satisfaction.
We offer products at competitive pricing, and never compromise quality. Our highly knowledgeable sales team will guide each individual customer to meet their needs, provide customer service at the highest level, and update customers with current market trends constantly.